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Digital Photography

a dental chair, like the ones at Noreen Goldwire DDS  When diagnosing issues in your mouth, we need to be able to take a close look at the structures of your mouth and your face. Sometimes, however, there are areas of the mouth that are harder to see. Photographs have always been an important component in dentistry. They allow us to take a closer look at certain areas of your mouth or even your whole face. At Noreen Goldwire, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we use digital photography to gather these important images.

Digital Photography

Photography has always been important in the field of dentistry. They allow us to examine the details in your mouth without you having to keep your mouth open wide the entire time. We are also able to assess alignment issues of the teeth and jaw with photographs of your face. Digital photography has made dental photography much easier. Rather than having to wait for the photographs to be developed, the images can be uploaded instantly to a computer screen for immediate viewing. We can assess your photographs right there during your exam with you.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

One of the most important uses of digital photography is for making diagnoses and creating effective, customized treatment plans. Digital photographs provide us with a static view of your intraoral tissues and your dentition, which can make it easier for us to look over your oral structures. Additionally, specialized software can be used to manipulate the images, such as zooming in and enhancing. These features allow us to spot small details that we might otherwise overlook with just an oral examination.

Communicating with the Lab

While dental impressions and molds provide labs with important information such as tooth shape, size, and positioning, they do not provide valuable information on the color of the teeth or gums. There are color guides, but these guides often do not give any information on the depth of color or shadowing. This is where digital photographs come into play. Color-corrected photos provide the dental lab with the information they need to create a much more realistic restoration that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your mouth.

Making the Most of Your Appointments

With digital photography, your images are displayed almost immediately on the computer screen. There is no need to wait for the images to be developed. Your entire appointment is spent with you, going over your images. We work with you to help you understand your diagnosis and discuss what treatment plans are available for you. We can also take the time to answer any questions and address any concerns that you might have.This enables you to become more involved in your dental care, as well as take action the moment a change is noticed.

Digital photographs allow us to take a better look at the structures within your mouth, which can greatly aid in the diagnosis of a wide variety of different oral health issues and allow us to provide you with an effective treatment plan. Call Noreen Goldwire, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for more information at (425) 485-4010.
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